Excessive Sleepiness? Here’s How To Tackle It

We can all feel pretty exhausted at times, although for some, excessive tiredness can be an everyday occurrence.

It is estimated that 20 per cent of the UK suffer from the condition, although there could be many more, with plenty of people mistaking their symptoms for simple fatigue.

So, what is the difference between fatigue and excessive sleepiness? Find out below.

Excessive sleepiness is not a disorder in itself, it is in fact a symptom of another condition, whether that’s stress, illness, medication, sleep apnea or just general lack of sleep.

It can often manifest itself over a period of time and differs from fatigue, which usually consists of weakness and drowsiness.

Excessive sleepiness is commonly accompanied by issues with concentration and cognitive ability, forgetfulness and memory loss!

If you feel like you’re simply pushing through life, without the energy to properly enjoy yourself, then it’s time to address the possible issue.

Taking steps to address your sleep habits, alleviate stress and work towards setting a good sleep routine can be a great way to fight the symptoms of excessive sleepiness.

Sometimes, it’s not the amount of sleep you get, it’s the quality of it, or lack of quality, which affects mental performance.

Check out these tips for addressing the symptom.

Fight stress. Taking steps to reduce stress will mean that when sleep is achieved, it’s much more likely to be of a better quality.

Exercise. Just 20-30 minutes a day of light exercise can improve sleep quality.

Setting a routine. Getting your body into a routine will mean that you’ll wake up by your own accord and naturally feel sleepy at the same time each day.

Avoiding the need for an alarm will mean that your body can wake from sleep naturally, instead of having its sleep cycle cut short, which can cause grogginess.

Try herbal tea! Avoid any with caffeine in.

Opting for mixtures such as chamomile and dandelion is a great way of soothing your body before bed and ultimately helping to fight extreme tiredness.

Recognise when you need to stop. Although it can be frustrating to allow excessive sleepiness to impact your life and ultimately stop you from heading out for that meal or that birthday party; recognising the symptom and taking the steps to sleep and recover are more important and will mean that you’ll be full of energy in the future.

Check out more on the symptoms here. #redefiningsleep

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