Essentially Emma Nutrition

August saw MLILY team up with associate and registered nutritionist, Emma Hanton, owner and founder of Essentially Emma Nutrition. The partnership focused on the importance of what we eat when it comes to getting a great nights’ sleep.

We were keen to collaborate with Emma to spread the message on the importance of good nutrition, great rest and a better life.

‘Working with Mlily has been a pleasure and was a great way to tie in a slightly different industry to that of my own. As a nutritionist, most of my content is centred on food and recipes, but as health includes so many different aspects of our lifestyle, it was wonderful to collaborate with Mlily on the links between nutrition and sleep’

-Emma Hanton, Associate Nutritionist.

Emma has been fantastic to work with, crafting a recipe bursting with sour cherries, dark chocolate and oats, all brilliant sources of magnesium and tryptophan for a night of healthy sleep. You can discover it by clicking here

The dark chocolate and cherry cookies went down a treat on Emma’s page, raising awareness on the power of nutrition when it comes to living and sleeping well.

Alongside creating the cookies, Emma was also gifted the MLILY Ambience pillow to incorporate into her sleep routine, before creating a detailed set of posts on her top tips for unwinding each evening to achieve the perfect rest for a better life. If you’d like to take a look at Emma’s guide to the perfect sleep routine, take a look at her page here.

‘I did not realise how much my old pillow was affecting my sleep until I tried the Ambience pillow, I used to toss and turn throughout the night and constantly wake up with a stiff neck but the pillow has completely stopped that and I am waking up feeling much more rested. Couldn’t be without it now!’

Emma Hanton, Associate Nutritionist

We take pride in the partnerships we carry out, aiming to collaborate with people who teach and inform their followers on the importance of sleep health.

Our work with Emma yielded a wonderful sleep boosting recipe and a detailed sleep routine, brilliant for teaching more about the necessity of good sleep and a better life.

‘Working with Mlily has been a pleasure and was a great way to tie in a slightly different industry to that of my own, they were a dream to work with and by far one of the most attentive brands I have come across!’

Emma Hanton, Associate Nutritionist.

Discover more on Emma’s website here.

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