Eco Therapy In The City ๐Ÿ’š #betterlife

Eco therapy can be brilliant for overall health, sleep quality and general well being, you can take a look at our article here on its benefits for mental health, energy and happiness.

Despite these obvious benefits, for many, green spaces can be difficult to come by, especially for those living within the heart of cities and towns.ย 

So, how can we incorporate nature in our busy, urban lives?ย 

Take a look at our tips below for delving into eco therapy and nature whilst in the busiest of places.

House Plants

House plants can be a great addition to any urban home. Not only are they visually attractive and appealing, they can also be brilliant for our health.

Plants can help to filter the air, releasing oxygen, especially during the night time hours as we doze.

Keeping house plants can be a great hobby to adopt, can be restorative for your mood and brilliant for bringing nature closer whilst in the city.

Local Parks

Local parks can be wonderful for keeping nature on your door step.

Not only are they great places to relax and stroll in, they can also be fantastic for exercise and community classes.

If your park is a little worse for wear, there are plenty of community clean ups you could get involved with to bring eco therapy to everyone.


Shared gardens and community allotments can be an amazing activity to get involved in, especially if living in an urban area means that you have no back garden to cultivate.

Community gardens can usually be found with a quick internet search and usually have a waiting list, but the effort is worth it for the reward of growing your own in the city, not to mention the mood boosting properties of gardening and being outdoors.

Bird Tables

If you’d like to bring nature in closer, then bird tables can be a brilliant addition to your urban home.

They’re super cheap to pick up from your local gardening store and can be positioned on window ledges.

They make for brilliant viewing for when the birds come to feed and be perfect for banishing stress and boosting mood.


If you’d like to connect to nature more in the city, then you could join the growing numbers of urban photographers who are spotting nature in the unlikeliest of places.

Opt for snapping pictures of wildlife out in the open areas of cities for an interesting look at how nature lives alongside us, this can be a brilliant form of eco therapy!

Help Nature Out

Give something back to nature.

Community litter picks and clean ups are a great way to ensure eco therapy can be a pleasure for all, whilst small acts such as feeding the birds can all help to increase nature and aid wildlife.