Eco Therapy #betterlife

If you’ve always been one to actively enjoy nature and the feeling of being outside, then you’re probably on the road towards healthy living and a #betterlife.

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can be brilliant for an overall boost in mood, with the combination of fresh air, sunlight, exercise, communication and experiences with nature all contributing towards a boost in mood, health and overall energy, so much so that this phenomenon now has a name: eco therapy.ย 

Take a look below at the benefits of eco therapy to discover why getting back into nature can be great for your mental health and well being.ย 

Positives of Eco Therapy
Improves Mental Health

Spending time outdoors can be brilliant for helping with mental health struggles, with the combination of peace and quiet and a disconnection from hectic, urban spaces providing a great opportunity to cultivate positivity.

Fresh air and sunlight can also play a major role in boosting your overall mood, whilst sunlight helps to promote the production of serotonin, commonly named as the feel good hormone.

Improves Physical Health

Spending time in nature can often improve your physical health, as new experiences like trekking, camping, running or canoeing can all be brilliant forms of exercise.

Fresh air and exercise outdoors can also use up and dissipate stress hormones, whilst working out in nature amidst a variety of weather conditions can be great for your overall stamina.

Improves Communication Skills

Spending time outdoors with other people can be brilliant for aiding communication and social skills, with projects such as community gardens being a wonderful place to connect with nature, meet new people and boost your mood.

Fostering a sense of belonging whilst spending time in nature with other people can also be a great way to boost your confidence and your mood.

Improves Sleep

Spending time in nature can be brilliant for well being and mental health as it ultimately helps to boost sleep quality. The combination of fresh air, physical exercise, communication, exertion and sunlight can all help to produce melatonin in the evening, inducing a deep and restful sleep.

Strengthens Connection with Nature

Spending time outdoors can be brilliant for strengthening your connection with nature.

The longer you spend amongst nature, the more attune you become to weather and the types of plants and animals.

Spending time outdoors often can also help you to become less reluctant to head outside in certain weather like snow or rain, as a regular outdoor outing helps you to simply grab your umbrella before heading on a walk.

If you’d like to learn more about eco therapy, head to the Mind website here.ย