Eat Well – Stress Free this Autumn #betterlife

As we move into the colder months, healthy eating can sometimes fall by the roadside.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to eating healthy, all of which can ensure the process is stress free and simple.

Take a look at our guide below for a better life this autumn.๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ‚

Healthy Baking

Autumn can be a brilliant time for baking exciting new recipes – and there are plenty of options to try when it comes to adding a healthy twist!

From baking healthy breakfast muffins packed with oats and autumn apples, through to herbal teas and hearty vegetable stews, healthy cooking can really cross over all seasons with the right research.

Warm Salads

When we think of healthy eating, our minds tend to gravitate towards lack lustre, boring salads, especially during the warmer months.

Well, these dishes don’t always have to be boring, and autumn can be a time for delicious salads, packed with filling ingredients such as warm couscous, baked vegetables and roasted meat.

Wholesome Soup

Struggling to find the motivation to cook healthy meals?

When it comes to a simple yet wholesome dish, soup can be brilliant.

Not only is soup comforting in the colder months, it’s also packed with vitamin rich vegetables and can be made by using cheap ingredients from your freezer.

Simple tips such as using frozen packs of vegetables, dried stock cubes and potato for thickening can be perfect for boosting immunity and packing in that five a day during the colder months.

Homemade Bread

Sourcing bread from the supermarket when you’re trying to eat healthy this autumn can be a tricky business, with many products secretly packed with hidden sugars.

A great way to get around this is to bake your own.

Don’t have the time? Try baking some soda bread, a dish which requires no needing and bakes fast, take a look at this recipe here.


Healthy eating all comes down to planning, especially during the colder months.

With a stocked fridge, freezer and cupboard, staying on track can be much easier, with abundant produce resulting in less temptation for fast food.

Autumn is the time for storing up produce and by making sure that there are staples in the cupboards such as wholewheat pasta, brown rice, frozen vegetables, tinned beans and frozen meat, there are plenty of options on hand for a healthy, hearty dish.

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