Easy healthy eating tips

Leading a busy life means we can’t always stay on track and manage to eat healthily all the time, especially during these uncertain times. We’re sharing some tips to help you add healthy food into your diet and avoid over indulging on sugary treats. 

Reduce your sugary drink intake

Opting for water or natural fruit juices instead of fizzy, sugary drinks is a great way to reduce the amount of sugar we consume. This is not only good if you’re dieting, but consuming lots of sugary drinks is bad for our teeth and liver overtime. Another great option it to switch to fruit smoothies, but be aware of any high natural sugars, too.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring

Eating the right foods doesn’t have to be boring, as there’s so much out there to jazz it up. Take a salad for lunch for example- add your favourite toppings such as chicken, roasted veg, nuts, salsa, avocado, or oil and vinegar dressing. The possibilities are endless!

Add more fish into your diet

Fish is extremely good for us, as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty oils which is really good for our heart and brain health, helping to reduce our chances of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Diabetes. Experts recommend that we add fish to our diet twice a week for good health.


Pro-biotics are very healthy for our gut to aid digestion and protect our immune system. Incorporating probiotics such as yoghurts and soft cheeses are very gut-friendly and a great addition to your diet. Add a drinkable probiotic to your breakfast, a quick and easy way to get some goodness.

Keep healthy snacks in sight

It’s easy to reach out for something quick and easy to snack on during the day, so having healthier snacks in reach is important to stop any other sugary cravings. At work, keep snacks such as fresh fruit, nuts and cereal bars at your desk.

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