Dream 4000

Have you heard of nanocool Technology? Our nanocool Ice Fiber delivers a cooler, more refreshing sleep surface. Combined with our Performance Memory Foam and our elegant Hybrid design, this bed is built to enhance oxygen and blood circulation. A combination of 4000 Hybrid and X springs deliver the support you need to get a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep, helping you to perform at your peak.

Cool Gel Technology

Memory Foam

Pocket Springs

Aero-Flex Border

Two Beds In One

Dream 4000 Layers

1. nanocool Ice Fibre

2. Mlily Air-Flow Gel Memory Foam

3. Mlily Gel-Memory Foam

4. 2000 X-Springs

5. Aero-Flex Support Border

6. Flex Comfort Foam

7. Thin Flex Comfort Foam

8. 2000 Hybrid Mini-Support Springs

9. Aero-Flex Support Border

10. Flex Support Foam

Size Cart Width Length
Single 135cm 190cm
Double 150cm 200cm
King 180cm 200cm