Dealing with post-lockdown anxiety

As more and more lockdown restrictions are being lifted in the UK every month, it’s natural to feel slightly nervous about getting back to normality and even more natural to feel like you don’t want to go back to normality at all. After all, our new ‘normal’ has been something many of us have grown comfortable with. 

Start by self-reflecting on what it is you’re feeling anxious about when coming out of lockdown. Is it that you’re worried about socialising again, or concerned about being around people with the possibility of catching the virus?


Start by connecting with those in your inner circle

Start out by connecting with the people who are closest in your life, this may be your best friends or closest family members. Spend time with those you can completely trust and feel safest around first, then once you feel ready you can begin branching out to others in your circle. Having close friends and family who are understanding is key, so consider confiding in loved ones so they are aware of your feelings.

Remember, don’t rush the process. You don’t have to jump back into socialising as soon as restrictions are lifted- take it at your own pace.


Allow yourself to be scared

Even the most confident of social butterflies will be feeling the post-lockdown nerves. Living with restrictions for so long has become the ‘new normal’ for everybody, so it’s absolutely okay to feel anxious. Realising that it’s okay to feel scared about returning back to normality is the first step in accepting your feelings.


Practice self care

Always prioritise your physical and mental health. Some ways you can manage your anxiety is by learning breathing exercises, keeping a journal and always talking to family & friends about how you feel. Make time everyday to do the things you enjoy and what relax you.

It is said that those who work proactively on their mental health are better equipped to hand the unknowns that life throws at them, so always make time to practice self care and look after your mental health.


Speak to a professional

If your feelings become overwhelming to the point where they are affecting your everyday life, consider speaking to a doctor or psychiatrist. Asking for help can seem daunting, but it’s perfectly okay to reach out when our mental health takes a dip.



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