Daily Walking and Health #betterlife

Not only is walking great for health, it can also be brilliant for mental ability, energy and mood and can also be a perfect way to spend time with friends and family.

IncorporatingΒ a walk into your everyday life stands as a great reminder that healthy living can be simple, accessible and can appear in a range of forms.

Tips for Walking and Everyday Fitness🚢

Walks don’t have to be long.

Even just walking for 20 minutes can burn up to 100 calories! Take up to just 30 minutes out your day for a quick energy boost and a bit of sunshine. Walking to work or to the shops can be a great way to achieve this.

-Create some company.

Walking alone can be isolating at times, so a great idea would be to ask friends and family to come with you! Celebrating health and well being with loved ones can be perfect for self care.

-Get good shoes. If you’re looking at incorporating daily walking into your routine, it’s probably best to purchase suitable shoes.

For example, if you do decide to walk to work each day, it’s probably best to wear supportive trainers for the journey, which you can then change out of on arrival.

-Stay hydrated.

Although it might not feel too much like strenuous exercise, walking can burn plenty of calories, and the fact that it is usually done out in the open air often means that there is plenty of sunshine.

Carry water on you at all times and make sure that you keep hydrated! A great idea is to keep a reusable bottle on you at all times, great for hydrating and also brilliant for avoiding purchasing single use bottles on the go.

If you fancy, you could stop for drinks with friends and loved ones along the way.

-Make sure that you stretch.

As mentioned, it can be easy to forget that walking is in fact exercising, meaning that muscles can be pulled and sprained along the way if stretching is not carried out.

Opt for a few simple stretches before and after each walk, head onto YouTube for some brilliant exercises tailored to you.

Still not convinced daily fitness walking is for you? Take a look at the benefits below!

-Increased heart and lung fitness.

-Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

-stronger bones

-great balance

-reduced body fat

-increase in muscle growth

-increase in endurance and overall strength

Convinced? Get walking!Β πŸ’š