COVID-19: Tips For Maintaining Your Health

During these difficult times, we thought we would take a look at some tips for staying safe, from boosting your immunity through to staying well hydrated and keeping calm.

Get plenty of sleep.

At least 7-9 hours each night is the optimum amount for boosting immunity and helping our bodies to restore, repair and protect ourselves.
While we sleep, our bodies are working away on our immunity, energy levels and overall mood, a great sleep, a great day ahead.

Stay well hydrated.

Opt for bringing your own water bottle to work to avoid sharing with others and make sure you wash the water bottle out well at the end of the day.
Aiming for 1.5-2 litres can be a great place to start. Staying well hydrated not only helps your body to flush out toxins, it can also help to boost energy and aid concentration in these tough times.

-Practice good hygiene.

Wash your hands. Washing hands regularly with hot water and anti bacterial soap, for at least 20 seconds at a time, can be a great precautionary step to take for protecting yourself and others.
Simple tips such as carrying hand sanitiser with you at all times to use throughout the day can also be another effective step.

Participate in light exercise.

Simple exercise can be great for boosting our mood and helping to dispel concerns.
If you can, avoid the gym, but if you do wish to go, please follow the protocol as stated by the establishment, washing your hands and wiping down any equipment.

-Self Isolate.

-If you are showing any symptoms of the illness, self isolate yourself at home for two weeks or until your fever passes and your temperature drops. If you live with friends or family, they will also be expected to self isolate with you to monitor their own symptoms, if they do appear.

Keep calm.

Simple tips such as mindfulness, yoga and healthy eating can help you to avoid over-stressing, which can impact on our immunity. Keeping calm can also have a great effect on boosting our sleep quality and improving our overall health.
Ensure that you have empathy, think of others, offer to help friends and ensure that you’re keeping yourself and your family safe.

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