Cool Down After Exercise #betterlife

Although it can be tempting to skip the post workout cool down, taking the time to adequately stretch and relax after exercise is pivotal for recovery and for avoiding injury.

Take a look at the benefits of cooling down after exercise below, for a healthy sleep, a better life and a strong body.ย 


Adequate stretching after a workout can allow the heart rate to return to normal, a vital part of recovery and fitness health.

Cardiovascular exercise can increase heart rate dramatically and ensuring a proper cool down can help to avoid injury, lightheadedness and fatigue.

Opting for a cool down after working out can be brilliant for slowing down breathing, allowing it to return to normal, safely and correctly.

Breathing exercises are incredibly important for decreasing stress and allowing the body to enter a state of calm. Take deep breaths after finishing exercise, in through the nose and out through the mouth for a refreshing cool down.

Improved relaxation. Opting for a cool down after exercise can be brilliant for promoting overall relaxation. One of the best benefits of exercise comes in the form of improved and boosted confidence.

Opting for a cool down can be great time to consider the importance of exercise and to revel in the feel good affects of working out.

Best Cool Down Options

Yoga can be a brilliant option for cooling down after exercising.

Involving full body stretches and deep, steady breathing, yoga is perfect for ensuring a full body cool down, and can help to increase strength along the way!

There are plenty of options online for accessing a yoga workout video, just give it a google after your workout for a top notch guide, completely free of charge.


Been on a run lately? Opt for walking home after running.

This can be a great way to cool down adequately, incorporating gentle cardio at the end of exercise can help to reduce lactic acid build up and can be perfect for avoiding injury.

Full Body Stretches

Deep, full body stretches are the best way to cool down.

Grab a video offline and get stretching, holding each pose of a full six seconds before moving onto the next – a perfect way to cool down completely after a hard workout for a healthy and better life.

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