Christmas Self Care #betterlife

Christmas can actually be quite stressful at times…

Take a look at our top tips for switching off and allowing yourself some self care this festive period, from hot baths through to meditation and healthy living.ย 

Avoid Expectations

It can be easy to slip into a mentality of thinking that Christmas needs to be completely perfect and fault free in every way possible.

However, this mentality can often lead to excess stress and worrying about multiple factors in the day. It’s important at Christmas to switch off and go with the flow, accepting any mistakes that might happen. Focusing on spending time with family can be a great form of self care.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to Christmas self care, one of the most important aspects is to plan ahead, this way, you can avoid any excess stress that may come with the holiday. If you’ve set aside time for family, friends and for relaxation time for yourself, you’re already setting yourself up for a self care orientated Christmas break.

Take Time For Yourself

Despite Christmas being associated with spending time around family and friends, the constant Christmas parties and occasions can be pretty draining.

It’s important around the festive period to focus on yourself too! Even if it’s just an evening bath, complete with your favourite podcast, or a quick twenty minutes of reading your favourite book on your own, take some time to yourself this Christmas to work on your own self care.

Once you’re back in the right head space, diving back into the social experience of the Christmas break is much more manageable and much less draining.

Avoid the Guilt

Self care is all about accepting yourself, this also comes in the form of accepting your decisions over the Christmas break. Feelings of guilt can definitely creep in when it comes to the excess of Christmas. However, it’s important to think things through in perspective and to avoid any feelings of self discontent.

Whilst eating a Christmas meal until you’re stuffed isn’t an ideal situation for everyday of the year, spending time with loved ones is pretty priceless and can be brilliant for your own emotional self care.

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