Camping and Better Sleep #betterlife

If you’ve been struggling to drift off to sleep lately, then a weekend away camping might be the solution to your sleepless nights.

Studies have suggested that a few nights in the outdoors can reap multiple benefits for health and well being, including sleep.ย 

So, how does camping benefit overall health and sleep quality, and what steps can be taken to insure a great rest?

Find out below…

How Camping Aids Sleep

Our bodies run off an internal system called the circadian rhythm.
When the sun shines and we are exposed to light, our bodies naturally produce hormones to wake us up and power us through the day, and as the sun sets and we are exposed to darkness, our bodies produce the sleep inducing hormone: melatonin.

So, how is this all related to camping?ย 

Being exposed to the weather whilst camping means that we become more attuned to light and darkness.
With the lack of artificial light, our bodies become sleepy as the sun sets, leading to early nights, whilst we are naturally woken by the sunshine in the morning, leading to early healthy starts.


As we fall to sleep, our bodies naturally cool in temperature, with most sleep guides advising an open window and consistent airflow in bedrooms for a great sleep.

Whilst camping, the exposure to the night time air can be brilliant for encouraging us into bed, whilst the gradual increase in temperature as the morning arrives can be brilliant for waking us up gently.

General Mood

When it comes to a great nights’ sleep, having a healthy mindset can play a huge role in proceedings, as heading to bed free of worries and stress can allow sleep to come fast.

When we’re camping, the constant exposure to nature, fresh air and sunlight can be brilliant for boosting overall mood, take a look at our article on eco therapy here to discover more.

A happy day, a happy sleep, and heading to bed content whilst camping can be the ultimate sleep inducer.

Tips for Sleeping Whilst Camping

-purchase a high quality sleeping bag.
It’s important to get one that has great insulation, whilst it’s great to feel a little cooler than usual when heading to bed, you don’t want to be so cold that you can’t fall to sleep.

-wear earplugs. Whilst cities can be a noisy place for sleep, the countryside can often have its fair share of disturbances. Whether it’s cows mooing or fellow campers keeping you up, taking earplugs with you on your camping trip can be a life saver for noisy nights.

-Warm your sleeping bag. If you’re worried about your sleeping bag being too cold, then a great tip would be to warm it before climbing in.
By filling a hot water bottle and sliding it in the sleeping bag a few minutes before getting in yourself, you’re guaranteed a wonderful nights’ rest.

-Drink a hot beverage by the fire.
Although camping can be a pretty enjoyable experience, the weather can’t always be on your side. If you’re feeling the cold, a great option would be to have a hot drink before bed.

Avoid caffeine, opting for a herbal or a soothing hot chocolate, this can be great for warming you up from the inside.

Happy Camping!

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