Break Out Of A Work Slump #betterlife

Motivation can be hard to find at times, especially when stress also comes into the mix.

Everyone will experience a work slump at some point in their lives, from a lack of determination through to a sudden disinterest in everyday tasks.

Take a look below for tips on how to get out of this slump, for a better life and a boost in mood.

Discover Why You Are Struggling

When you’re experiencing a work slump, it’s important to take a step back in order to really discover the reason behind your lack of motivation.

Whether it’s stress, health and even energy related, identifying the root cause is the best way to solve the internal issue. Once you’re sorted the reason behind your slump, you can then progress back into your projects for a better sleep and a healthy lifestyle.

Consider Inspiration

Think about inspiration. For many, projects and passions are ignited due to inspiration for a certain topic, whether that’s sports, work life or a hobby enjoyed during spare time. Go back to the film, book or experience that inspired you to start on your journey in order to reignite your drive once more.


Exercise can be a brilliant way to get yourself up and out of a work slump. Not only does exercise boost our overall energy, brilliant for getting stuff done; it can also produce serotonin – the happy hormone! A happy outlook on life can be brilliant for when it comes to getting stuck in to your hobby.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness plays such an important role when it comes to boosting energy and motivation. Head space can be a great app to use if you’re stuck in the rut of a low mood, boosting interest in topics and teaching your brain how to really switch off from stress and focus on the things that you enjoy for a better life.

Create A Vision Board

Vision boards can be a brilliant way to re ignite your passion in a project. Simply make a clip board of all your aims and overall dreams and locate it in your place of work or near your desk, this can be a great way to inspire yourself everyday.

Take A Break

Take a break! A work slump can often be caused by a condition known as ‘burn out’, when we effectively become exhausted from work, destroying our drive and motivation. Take the time to opt for self care and relaxation, hopefully returning from your break ready to get stuck in again!