Boost Your Recovery #betterlife

Try out these health hacks to get you sleeping better and recovering fast.

Get a good night’s sleep.

There is nothing more restorative than rest and relaxation, and a good night sleep is the best way to help your body to heal after a tough work out. Allowing your body to recover at its own pace in incredibly important, as pushing yourself when you’re in pain can lead to injury.

Eat balanced, healthy meals.

Our bodies definitely need fuel to recover in the form of healthy food. Make sure you have a hearty meal after your workout, focus on protein and carb rich dishes to aid your body in its recovery.

Drink plenty of fluids.

You tend to lose a lot of fluids whilst exercising, so it’s advised to drink more than usual in the first hour after working out.

Consuming more fluids can also aid recovery as it increases metabolic function and increases nutrient transfer.

Try some stretches.

Stretching before and after working out can be a great way to prevent injury.

Doing regular stretches the day after a workout can also help your body to heal quick- it’s also a fast and super simple way of repairing your body.

Have a bath.

Although athletes tend to swear by ice baths, having a warm bath can also be great for your muscles. Heat can promote blood flow and work to ease your muscles, it can also relieve spasms and tenderness after exercise.

In addition to all of this, having a bath can be incredibly relaxing and is also known to promote a healthy, deep sleep- an essential of recovery.

Epsom salts can also be a wonderful way to heal aching muscles and sore joints. Cheap to buy from your local pharmacist and easy to use, try an epsom salt bath each week to aid your sleep and speed up your recovery.

Eat some bananas!

Bananas can be great for either a pre-work out snack or as part of a post workout meal as they are rich in potassium, a key mineral which plays an important part in muscle repair. Head over to our quick breakfast ideas back on the blog to try out some great banana pancakes.