Benefits of running for sleep

According to the world’s top Sleep Scientists, running doesn’t just help to keep us fit & in shape, but it’s also great for helping us to sleep better. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has found that regular exercise can improve our quality of sleep..

Better sleep = better performance 

7 to 9 hours per night is the ideal amount of sleep needed for most adults to function well during the day, especially when making time for a workout during the day. If we don’t achieve the desired amount of quality sleep at night, it means we’re less likely to carry out exercise. Good sleep is essential for a regular training routine.

This has recently been confirmed by a study on student athletes conducted by the renowned Stanford University: Students who got more sleep (in this case, 10 full hours), performed better than those who placed less emphasis on their sleep.

Your muscles grow while you sleep

After any long run or intense workout session, your body needs to recover to allow the muscles to rest. This is another reason why sleep is vital- the longer and better you sleep, the more time your body has for recovery and growth.

More steps = better sleep 

Finish your running or bodyweight training at least two hours before going to bed to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Do you like working out in the morning? If you plan on exercising before work, you should go to bed earlier than usual to make sure you get enough sleep.