Benefits of reading for good sleep

Studies has shown that many adults in the UK don’t read books as much as they should before bed. 53% of UK adults say they have read a book in the last year, and the lockdown has led more of us to e-books and shopping online.

Unfortunately, these studies show that more of us tend to spend more time scrolling through social media before bed. But understanding the endless benefits of reading before bed can help people re-kindle a love for books. It has a positive impact of our quality of sleep, amongst other amazing benefits..


It reduces stress and anxiety

Researchers from the University of Sussex conducted a study to see if stress levels are being influenced by reading, especially before bed. Studies found that even just six minutes of reading can reduce your stress levels by as high as 68%, which can eventually results in lowering the muscle and heart tension.

It improves sleep quality

A relaxed body and mind can result in a better quality of sleep. Reading calms the mind and clears and minimises thoughts that may disrupt us.

It’s a great way to put down devices

Blue light emitted from screens suppresses the brain’s ability to produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for making us sleepy. Therefore, the exposure to any gadgets like smartphones, laptops or even television can worsen the quality of our sleep. It is recommended to put away all devices at least an hour before going to bed, including most e-books.

It acts as an effective sleep-inducing habit

Developing the habit of reading before bed can start to act as an effective sleep-inducing habit. This way you develop a virtual relation between reading and sleeping. Repeating this habit will tell the brain it’s time for bed, and falling asleep will eventually become easier.

It is likely to make you wake up mentally relaxed

Reading before bed almost ensures that we will get a good sleep. If we wake up well-rested, we will have more energy and motivation for the day that is ahead of us.

With an improved sleep pattern, your body is likely to feel re-energised in the morning and your mind will feel relaxed.

It positively influences our dreams

Most often our dreams are a product of the thoughts we have had before bed. So, if you have had something worrying you throughout the day, you might experience a bad dream. In turn, the right book before sleep will make you concentrate on a pleasant plot and calm your mind.