Beat The September Blues #betterlife

Whilst September definitely has it’s merits, for many, it can involve a return to the normal, everyday routine, void of sunny weather, holidays and adventure.ย 

Feeling a little overwhelmed as the world slowly works on returning to normal?

This sudden change can at times have a negative affect on mood, causing fatigue and frustration as the nights get colder.

If you’re feeling low, you’re not alone, over half of us have admitted to feeling sad at the end of the summer season, a feeling often referred to as the September blues.

Take a look at our tips below for beating the blues!

Practice Acceptance

It’s important to identify your specific thoughts and feelings at the end of your holiday. Once you realise that you’re feeling low, you can then work to boost your mood from there. It’s completely okay that you’re feeling low. Just accept it, and move on from there.

Embrace The Contrast

Keeping busy in everyday life doesn’t have to be completely miserable.

There are many positives, such as a great routine, seeing family and friends and achieving or experiencing something new everyday. Focus on the good in your life to settle back into each day.

Make A List

Struggling to get back into the routine of things after time away? Make a list! Having a set of things to achieve or of goals to work towards during September can be fantastic for boosting motivation and overall mood.

Whether it’s working out or even something as simple as doing the food shop, little tasks such as this can help you to slip back into routine.

Look Back – Look Forward

It’s wonderful to reminisce on past adventures on holidays, especially when printing off photos or chatting about the experience with friends and family.

Despite this, it’s important to not let these memories be tainted by the frustration that you’re not still there.

Tackle this frustration by planning your next trip! The September blues can definitely be dampened by heading online to plan where you’ll be heading and what you’ll be doing next!

More Mood Boosting Tips!

HeadSpace. There are plenty of feel good apps out there which can be used to boost energy, happiness and confidence. Take a look online to start your journey.

Out with the old. Take the time in September to carry out a good clean, getting rid of old belongings you no longer need. This can be great for boosting mood and allowing you to feel like you’re starting autumn fresh and ready.

See family and friends. Interacting with loved ones can be great for busting the September blues. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a meal out, there’s plenty to get up to at a socially distanced level.

Head to the NHS site for more mood boosting tips and tricks.ย 

Happy Autumn!ย ย 

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