Autumnal Exercise

When the sun is shining and the days tend to be much longer, exercising in the summer can be an accessible and enjoyable experience.

However, during the colder autumn seasons, heading out the door to exercise outside can be a challenging activity, especially on colder nights and dark mornings.

Despite the apprehension, autumn can actually be the perfect season in which to exercise outdoors, with crisp, fresh air and cool temperatures avoiding overheating and improving blood circulation.ย 

Take a look at our top tips for getting outside to exercise during the autumn months!

Get Inventive

One of the important things to remember during the autumn months is that exercise can come in all shapes and forms. Simply heading out for a beautiful autumnal walk can be a great way to include some gentle cardio into your day, as well as a good dose of fresh air and sunlight.

Other inventive ways to include exercise into your autumn day could be walking to work or cycling in the evenings. Remember to wrap up warm for both activities!

Warm Up

When exercising in colder temperatures, it becomes easy to pull a muscle, as our bodies tend to be stiff with cold.

A great tip for exercising outdoors is to warm up thoroughly before heading out the door. For best results, warm up whilst indoors and make sure to include cardio, simple static stretches will not be able to warm you up sufficiently.

There are plenty of videos online running through brilliant cold weather warm ups, take a look at one here.

Wrap Up

Similar to warming up before exercising outdoors, it’s also important to consider wrapping up warm too!

Investing in the correct gear for running in the autumn can be a great form of motivation. Necessities include a hat, gloves, thermal layer and trainers with plenty of grip. You can also grab waterproof spray online to protect your shoes from the elements.

Stay Safe

Stay safe whilst exercising outdoors. As the nights get longer it’s important to take the correct safety precautions if exercising in the dark. Ensure you’re wearing reflective, bright clothing for on coming cars and let someone know where you’ll be when heading out the door.

Vary Exercises

Beat the winter blues by varying exercises, ensuring that you’re running one day, doing a HIIT workout in the park the next day and cycling at the weekend. Including frequent autumn walks amongst these activities can be a great way to beat low mood and boost energy.

Set Goals

Set yourself goals for the colder season. It’s important to come into the new year feeling fit and healthy for the year ahead – and this can be done through exercise in the colder months – with a clear plan to guide you.

Find a Workout Buddy

Find a workout buddy! Rolling out of your warm bed each morning to go outside to exercise in the cold can be a tricky feat. Luckily, there are plenty of motivational options for you to try, one of the main ones being: a workout buddy!

You’re much more likely to get up and moving if you know that someone is relying on you to do so, whilst having a nice chat each morning with a friend or loved one whilst exercising can be a great way to start the day.

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