Aria Firm

The Harmony Of Life.

Life is about balance. In today’s world full of complex pressures and demands, we understand the need for simple, harmonious support. Our Aria was crafted to be in tune with your body’s contours, delivering a deeper, more fluent night’s sleep that lets you perform at your crescendo each day. Our Aria Firm takes the benefits of our Ortho style design, delivering a firmer, more supportive mattress that relieves back and spine pressure.

Get the deep, healthy sleep you need to live a better life.

Flex Foam Icon
Flex Ortho Foam

Our Flex Ortho Foam provides a firmer, more supportive layer engineered to ease back and joint pain.

Cool Comfort Gel
Cool Comfort Gel

Our advanced Cooling Technology is infused into our Mlily Memory Foam. This provides a more natural, refreshing feel that is adaptable to you.

Hybrid Technology Icon
Hybrid Technology

Our Hybrid Technology has been custom-built for performance. This bed is crafted to help you recover quicker and sleep more completely.

Memory Foam Icon
Zoned Support Foam

We’ve engineered our Zoned Support Foam into the base, creating a pocketed system of support which maximizes air-flow and comfort.

Hybrid Mini Springs
Hybrid Mini-Springs

Our Hybrid Mini-Springs are specially designed to individually adjust as you sleep, aligning to your body’s own natural contours.

1. Gel Memory Foam. Our Mlily Cooling Gel is infused into our Performance Memory Foam to create a more refreshing feel that is soft, supple and adaptable to you. 2 cm

2. Flex Ortho Foam. Our Flex Ortho Foam provides a firmer, more supportive layer engineered to ease back and joint pain. 2 cm

3. Hybrid Mini Springs. Specially designed to individually adjust to your body’s micropressure points whilst you sleep, our firm series Hybrid Mini-Springs individually align to your body’s natural contours to create a complete sleep. 23 cm

4. Flex Memory Foam. An added layer of our Flex Memory Foam further brings out the comfort of this high performance mattress. 2 cm

5. Zoned Support Foam. We’ve engineered a special cut of our Zoned Support Foam, creating a pocketed system of firm support which maximizes air-flow. 16 cm

Available Sizes
Size Cart Width Length
Single 90cm 190cm
Double 135cm 190cm
King 150cm 200cm
Super King 180cm 200cm