Achieve The Work Balance From Home #betterlife

When it comes to achieving the work/life balance, carrying out your job in an area separate to that of your home comes in handy in creating the split.ย 

However, during this odd time there are plenty of people working from home, leading to a struggle when it comes to separating work life from home life.ย 

Take a look at our tips below on creating the split.ย 

Work in a separate room

When working from home, it’s important to create a separate space in which to carry out your working day.

Opting for your bed as a work desk isn’t just detrimental to your energy levels, it can also lead to easy distractions, falling asleep at your work and stopping work altogether. Opposed to this, working from your bed can also lead to an increase in working hours, leading to you checking your phone at all hours of the day, when you are supposed to be relaxing and switching off for sleep.

Opt for setting up an office if you have the room, alternatively, sort an area which can folded and packed away at the end of your day, switching your mind off and readying you to relax.

Turn your emails off after 5pm

Emails can be a constant reminder of our daily job. Whilst many people leave their emails at their place of work once they log off the computer, for many, checking messages on their phone is a common occurrence even when they get home.

When working from home, this tendency can become even stronger. A simple yet effective tip is to switch off at your emails at the end of your working day, for example, locking your email app after 5pm or switching your phone onto silent can work great.

Do not work at the weekend

Despite the majority of us working entirely from home, it is important to not allow the lines to blur too much.

A brilliant tip for separating work life from home life is to not work at all on the weekends. Although the temptation might seem great, with little else to do in lockdown, switch off your work phone and spend time with loved ones in order to return to your desk on Monday relaxed and ready to begin.

Keep your evenings free

Keep those evenings free! If you usually work in an office until 5pm each day, it makes little to no sense working late into the hours of the evening. Keeping your evenings free is a simple gift that you are entitled to after a day at work.

Do not allow creeping thoughts and stresses to seep into your sub conscience. Cooking a nice meal and opting for a relaxing evening will mean that you’ll wake the next day ready to take on what life throws at you.

Create date nights

Just because we’re all in quarantine doesn’t mean that we all can’t enjoy date nights, evenings together or movie marathons.

If you’re living with your partner or with friends, arrange a fun evening every Friday after work finishes, this creates something for everyone to look forward to and also furthers the work/life split.

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