A Positive ‘Work from Home’ Space

You either love or hate working from home. It suits some people perfectly fine- giving them more motivation, but not everyone can find the positives in it. 

Adjusting to your new ‘office’ may be harder than you think, but we’ve got some tips that can help to improve your 9-5 at home and make your workspace a positive one. 


Work by a window 

Natural sunlight has so many benefits. It energises us and is good for our overall wellbeing. If you can’t find a place in your home that has natural sunlight, consider going for a short walk in the middle of the day to take advantage of some daily exercise, too. This will raise endorphins in the brain and help us to feel motivated and happier.

Find a calm, quiet space within your home

In some homes, distraction is everywhere, and this may be the reason you find it easier to work in at the office. Finding a place to work that’s quiet and free from too many distractions within your home is so important for staying as focused as possible.

Being surrounded by mess isn’t helpful either. Having a clean, organised area to work from will make your workday feel that little better. Make sure that everything is in place at home for you to work as smoothly as possible.


Use a desk/table if possible

Working from bed or a lounge chair may be comfy, but for some, it’s likely to cause distractions or make you want to sleep. If possible, find a desk or table to work at with a supportive chair. It can help you feel more assertive throughout the day and promote motivation.

If you do have a desk to work from, consider adding some detail to your space, with house plants or flowers to add some colour. A notice board is also a great addition for helping you stay organised.

Leave work at ‘work’ 

Once your working day is over, switch your laptop off and leave it until the next day. Not switching off from work properly can be draining, as we need rest to recuperate and have time for ourselves to relax. Having a separate space for your sleep and work is important for our wellbeing.

Switching your phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ at a particular time each evening is a good way to avoid any unnecessary stresses from work.


Stick to a routine as much as possible

A regular routine is healthy for us, and something most of us like to stick to during the working week. Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily change this.

Getting up from your bed and following your usual morning routine will help to motivate you before starting work. Grab a tea or coffee before you clock on, and give yourself some time to wake up before you start the day.

Make sure to take a lunch break

Taking a break to recharge in the day with some nutritious lunch will aid your concentration and give your brain some time to relax. Regular drink breaks throughout the day are also important for boosting your motivation and looking after yourself during a long day. Eating lunch at your desk may seem ideal when you’ve got tight deadlines, but it’s important to take some time away for yourself to switch off and mentally relax.


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