8 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Autumn

Discover our tips below for a healthy and happy autumn, from exercise through to mindfulness, health advice and healthy baking! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ‚

#1 Boost Your Immunity

Autumn can definitely be a time when the temperature drops and the coughs and sneezes become abundant.

If you’re looking to stay feeling your best this autumn then it’s best to ensure your immunity is boosted.

Simple tips such as getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and stocking up on vitamin C rich foods can all be fantastic for ensuring a great immunity. If you’re looking to get further protected, then a simple flu vaccine can also be brilliant for boosting your defences.

#2 Have a Tidy

Autumn can be a great time for a spring clean!

A tidy space means a tidy mind, and ensuring that you’re home is clean and fresh can make for a great mood during the autumn months.

#3 Run in the Morning

Feeling low?

Exercise has been directly linked to boosted mood and energy.

Heading out for a run can be perfect for banishing autumnal grogginess, it can also be the perfect time to run! Autumn mornings can be a beautiful experience, whilst the sunlight coupled with the cold, fresh air can make for a great jog.

#4 Create New Recipes

Autumn can definitely be the time for creating new, exciting and healthy recipes. Fancy baking?

Opting for fresh apples in the dish can add a hit of vitamin C, whilst traditional autumn spices such as cinnamon hold plenty of anti inflammatory properties.

#5 Keep Warm

Keep yourself warm this autumn. One of the key aspects of a healthy and happy autumn is keeping yourself warm and protected from the elements.

Protecting extremities such as the head and hands can be the best option for a chilly day.

#6 See friends and Family

One of the cornerstones of health comes down to mental well being, and seeing friends and family in the autumn months can be perfect for banishing the autumn blues.

Heading out for a walk or a coffee with loved ones is perfect for experiencing companionship in the colder months.

#7 Make Preparations

Spend autumn preparing for winter to ensure a healthy cold season. Buying warmer clothing, stocking up on supplies and planning for the colder months can be perfect for ensuring that you’re prepared.

#8 Take Care of Yourself

A vital aspect of any happy and healthy season, comes down to taking care of yourself.

Whether that’s having a hot bath once in a while, treating yourself to a hot chocolate, ensuring extra deep sleep or starting up a new hobby, make autumn the best one yet!

Visit the Care UK site for more information on keeping healthy this autumn!