5 ways to reboot your health this autumn

Feeling a little sluggish as summer comes to an end? Take a look at our tips below for rebooting your health this autumn! From chilly walks through to healthy meals and time with loved ones.

Once you’ve adopted new healthy habits into your life they soon become natural, leading into a healthy winter and a brilliant start to next year!

Workout before you head to work

Switching up your workout plan during the colder months has plenty of benefits. Firstly, getting some light exposure early each morning can be brilliant for waking up our bodies, boosting mood, increasing energy and topping up those vitamin D levels. Getting a sweat on in the morning can also allow our bodies to crave sweet foods less, meaning that we are less likely to reach for sugar during the 11am lag.

Working out in the morning can also be wonderful during the colder months as it allows us to head home after work and to cuddle up in the warmth, rather than heading for a run in the cold and dark.

Increase it to 8!

Studies have found that happiness levels are increased amongst people who eat up to 8 or more portions of fruit and veg daily. Settle on two portions per meal and this challenge becomes even more doable. Not only are fruit and vegetables delicious, they’re also packed with vitamins, antioxidants and vitamin C, perfect for fighting off autumn colds.

Top up those vitamin D levels

As the months get colder the sun tends to stick around for less time, leading to a shortage of vitamin D within our bodies. A great way to get around this is to take a vitamin D supplement.

Commonly referred to as the sunshine hormone, vitamin D helps aid strong bones, increases energy levels and can really boost mood!

Get mindful

As the months get colder, many of us can experience some symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly referred to as SAD. This can be caused by a multitude of factors, from less sunlight through to artificial lighting, dark nights and spending less time outdoors.

A great way to combat this is to head out on an autumn walk and try out some head space apps, perfect for aiding your mindfulness skills and creating a better life.

Head to bed early

Not only do we eat more sugar when we’re tired, studies have shown that poor sleep during the colder months can leave us stressed, angry and exhausted both mentally and physically. Heading to bed early in the winter can be brilliant for ensuring that we achieve 8 hours of rest, simple tips such as avoiding caffeine after 2pm and opting for a hot bath before sleep can all be wonderful too!

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