5 Easy Healthy Habits #betterlife

Healthy living can seem overwhelming at times, especially when there are countless differing opinions online, all telling you that they have the secret to a better life.ย 

Take a look at our tips below to cut away the confusing component of living healthily, from sorting out your sleep schedule through to eating a balanced diet.

#1 Cook from home

One of the most confusing components of any healthy eating journey all comes down to diet. Struggling to decipher the endless mixed messages online? Don’t worry! The best place to start when it comes to improving on diet is to make sure that everything you consume is cooked at home.

When you start to really break down what’s in your meal, you’ll soon start to pay attention to the endless additives, sugars and saturated fats that are in processed food. Cooking from home allows you to take control, from whizzing up some extra vegetables into your tomato sauce through to switching out your white bread for wholemeal in your morning toast.

#2 Find ways to get active

If you’re looking to up your exercise levels, you really don’t have to think too hard.

Simply increasing your activity daily can make a difference, whether that’s taking the stairs at work, walking to your local shops, or heading out for a stroll at lunch, everything makes a difference.

#3 Get friends involved

Simple solutions can often be found for seemingly hard situations. Struggling to get yourself motivated to work out? Get yourself a workout buddy!

Working towards a common goal with a friend can be great for increased energy, boosted mood and an overall rise in determination to get stuff done!

#4 Don’t stress.

We might not realise it, but one of the best components of healthy living all comes down to decreasing our stress levels. Not only can stress make us feel low, it can also link directly to the production of cortisol in our bodies, a hormone that can make us feel down, lethargic and low on energy, usually leading to comfort eating as we grab for the sugar.

Sort your stress out today with simple tips, from taking a soothing bath through to making lists, sorting your organisational skills or chatting things through with a friends and family.

#Sort your sleep.

The simple solution to your healthy living struggles: sleep.

Sorting out a tight sleep schedule will not only mean that your body will soon adapt to the routine of it all, you’ll also wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated, energised and ready to take on the day, including all of your healthy living tasks.