20 tips for keeping happy #WorldSmileDay

Happy #WorldSmileDay!

Discover our 20 tips below for keeping happy and drop a comment below if you have any more!

  1. Use your outdoor time.
    Make the most of your allotted time outside, taking the opportunity to exercise safely, following social distancing rules correctly. Time outdoors can not only be wonderful for your health, it’s also brilliant for boosting your mood.
  2. Connect to nature.
    Connecting to nature can be brilliant for releasing those feel good hormones in the form of serotonin. Whether it’s a bit of gardening or even just repotting a beloved house plant, taking the time to relax and garden is perfect for fighting sadness.
  3. Write down your thoughts.
    Keeping a diary or making lists during this time can help you to put any worries or concerns into context, before slowly working through the issues to solve them effectively, avoiding feelings of sadness as you go.
  4. Keep connected.
    Picking up the phone to contact a friend, heading on video call or even just dropping someone a message can be wonderful for boosting your mood during lockdown.
  5. Do a good deed.
    Sometimes, helping others can in turn help ourselves. Take the time to do a good deed for someone, whether that’s picking up some groceries, giving them a call or sending them a card.
  6. Read a book.ย 
    In the chaos of modern life, there are rarely moments for us to sit down and read. Make the most of lockdown by grabbing the novel you’ve always wanted to discover, perfect for boosting your mood and fighting sadness.
  7. Stay curious and try new things!
    Take this time to learn something new, perfect for boosting your mood and giving you a skill for life in the process.
  8. Remember that this will end.
    On days when you’re feeling sad, it’s important to put things into perspective and to consider that all chaotic times come to an end.
  9. Keep things in perspective and don’t panic.
    Allowing your mind and body to panic can release high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Fight this by keeping calm, thinking rationally and taking steps to de-stress.
  10. Listen to music or learn a new instrument.
    If you’ve always wanted to learn to play music then lockdown can be the place to start, perfect for banishing low mood.
  11. Focus on what you can do.
    If certain tasks feel too overwhelming at the moment, focus on what you can do to make a change.
  12. Cut down on your screen time.
    Scrolling on social media can give you an unrealistic view of other people’s lives, when in reality we are all in the same boat.
  13. Sleep!
    Embrace the ultimate form of self care by getting a good dose of sleep each night and sticking to a schedule.
  14. Watch your diet.
    For many, being sad usually means eating. It’s important to identify when this happens in order to make healthy choices and to avoid a sugar come down which can in turn affect your mood.
  15. Look after relationships.
    Nourish your connections during this time, letting people you know that you are here for them, whilst also spending more time with loved ones in your home.
  16. Look after your health. Simple tips such as taking your vitamins and taking the time to pamper yourself can make a big difference to your mood in lockdown.
  17. Stay hydrated! The cornerstone of well being and mood, ensure adequate hydration throughout the day.
  18. Get inventive.
    Whether it’s date nights in your kitchen or dressing up to go and watch a film on the sofa, get inventive with your evenings to bring joy to your friends and family.
  19. Stay positive.
    Positivity is the stronghold of any situation similar to the one that we find ourselves in currently. Taking the time to laugh, smile and engage in something you enjoy each day is incredibly valuable.
  20. See an opportunity in every setback.
    Despite our lives being tipped upside down, it’s important to realise the goodness in each event. Whether it’s the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones whilst working from home or the abundance of fresh air now that pollution has been reduced, recognise the positives to in turn keep your mind active and your spirits high.

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