12 Days of ARIA

Over the course of time between 12th- 23rd December, MLILY are celebrating the release of their new AD campaign; ARIA.

In order to truly represent the importance of a great night sleep when it comes to achieving harmony and balance, MLILY have teamed up with a variety of influencers to ask them what finding the balance means to them.

Raising awareness for the bed in a box series, ARIA follows the beautiful dance of a ballerina, the poise and strength of whom perfectly sums up the harmonious feeling of a great nigths’ sleep.


To kick off the campaign, MLILY teamed up with yoga influencer and healthy living
enthusiast Olivia Townsend, to discover how she achieves harmony and balance in her life.

Alongside chatting about her experience with balance in everyday life, Olivia also
provided a yoga routine for her followers to learn from, stating that yoga is in many ways similar to keeping the balance in life.

‘I think the similarity between balancing poses in yoga and finding balance with your
lifestyle is beautiful. Balancing poses are frustrating, one day you nail them like a boss and the next day you’re like bambi on ice. And finding a balance in your lifestyle can be just as temperamental.’ – Olivia Townsend

Olivia’s yoga routine provided a wonderful guideline for fellow yoga enthusiasts, whilst her tips for finding the balance can definitely resonate with us all.

Alongside her work for the routine, Liv has also been happy to get involved in a giveaway over on her channel, if you’d like the chance to win some pillows, click here.


Whilst balance and harmony definitely play a role when it comes to yoga and fitness,
MLILY were also keen to partner up with other influencers whose focus revolved around balance in areas such as a healthy diet.


Nutritionist Bari Stricoff was able to chat openly about her experience with the MLILY
Premier pillow, commenting on the benefits it has brought to her life, from a deeper sleep to a better quality rest.

‘I recently partnered with Mlily for their campaign all about achieving health and balance. My sleep routine is quintessential for balance and harmony, a great way to achieve this is
to stick to my routine. Whether that’s a healthy breakfast, taking Oscar for a walk or staying active.’ – Bari Stricoff

Discover Bari’s page here.

Alongside Bari’s involvement in the campaign, MLILY also reached out to endurance runner Jordan Foster, who was also able to delve into the importance of achieving harmony and balance in her busy, fitness orientated life.

‘I really do feel that sleep is something that is majorly over looked when it comes to self care. I like to think of it as a daily clean slate, and after a good nights sleep I feel so motivated to tackle the day ahead.

Life is busy. And especially at this time of year it can seem busier than ever. Parties. Events. Seeing friends & family. It can feel pretty non stop! And that’s on top of your normal day to day life.. work, training.’ – Jordan Foster

Discover Jordan’s page here.

To round off the campaign, MLILY teamed up with fellow endurance runner, Susie Chan, who was able to deliver an insight into her focus on harmony and balance when it comes to her fitness filled life.

As a runner, Susie views sleep as a vital part of her training, and was happy to chat openly about how she finds her harmony.

Take a look at Susie’s page here.

Head to the MLILY site here.

Discover ARIA.


MLILY are delighted with the ARIA campaign, and as always are proud to raise awareness for a healthy sleep and a balanced lifestyle.

Stay tuned for the release of the ARIA video on 23rd December.