10 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself Today #betterlife

Quarantine and self isolating during this time can be tricky for many, with the normal pace of everyday life being replaced by a new and peculiar normal.

During this stressful time, it can be easy to focus on the negative aspects of everyday life, forgetting to take pleasure in small things and ultimately forgetting to be kind to yourself.

Take a look at our list of tips and tricks below, to discover 10 ways to be kind to yourself today.

1) Relieve Stress and Laugh

Relieving stress can be the best way to be kind to your mind, body and emotions. Simple tips for relieving stress come in the form of a hot bath, a nice meal with family, a simple call to a loved one or a quick nap. You can also write down anything that’s bothering you and work through each one to ease your mind.

Laughter can also be the best medicine for stress. Pick up the phone to call a friend, watch a funny show you’ve always loved or think back on hilarious moments from your past. Even the act of smiling can release endorphins.

2) Self Love

Being kind to yourself during this time can come in the form of self love. Whether it’s putting on your favourite outfit, cooking your favourite meal or picking up a beloved book, simple acts such as these can remind yourself that you are important and worthy of rest.

3) Appreciate Yourself

A great tip for being kind to yourself during this time is to appreciate your body and your health. Whether that means getting more sleep, aiding your immunity with a fresh healthy diet or heading out for some gentle exercise each day; showing your body you care by protecting your health is vital during this time.

4) Write a to do list with no times!

Reducing your stress and aiding your progress all links to self love and kindness.

Write down a simple list of tasks to complete each day, but avoid putting time constraints on each one. With no timings, you can work at your own pace, completing each activity and being kind to yourself as you do.

5) Have a hug

If you’re self isolating with family or friends, then a great idea is to ask for a simple hug.

Just ten seconds of a hug can release endorphins and the feel good hormone serotonin. It can also lower stress and boost your mood, perfect for being kind to yourself and others!

6) Stay hydrated.

Self love and kindness comes in the form of keeping those hydration levels topped up, reducing the risk of headaches, stress, fatigue and cramps.

7) Get Outdoors.

Even if it’s just stepping outside your front door to feel the grass under your feet, or heading out for a safe stroll at your local park, show your mind and body some love by getting out and about in nature.

8) Recognise Your Achievements

Take a moment each day to recognise your achievements and to focus on how far you’ve come during this time period, a super simple way to be kind to yourself today.

9) Tell a loved one you appreciate them

Tell a loved one you appreciate them by picking up the phone. Simple acts such as these are not only brilliant for your own well being, they can also bring happiness to someone else’s day.

10) Trust and Understand Yourself

Take this time to trust yourself and your body. If you don’t trust yourself, you’re very rarely kind to yourself.

If you’ve started a new regime during this time, then there might be times when you slip off the path that you’ve chosen. When this happens, it’s very easy to chastise yourself which can in turn lead to yourself being reluctant to start up the task again.

If you fall off the track, simply pick yourself up and get back on, getting back into the swing of things will be much easier if you treat yourself with kindness.

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