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To mark our latest team up with Goluremi, the home of football tutorials, we thought we would take a look at 10 positives of playing the legendary game, from health and fitness through to building skills, forming a community and learning something new.

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1 Football improves your cardio

Running at capacity for a full 90 minutes can definitely take its toll on the body and requires a good cardio ability. Footballers have the amazing strength needed to power their body from a full sprint, to full walk and back to sprinting again, repeating this process over and over throughout the entire game.

2 Builds muscle strength

Football requires a heap load of lower body strength, requiring players to continuously kick, jump, tackle, twist and turn throughout the whole game, ultimately leading to stronger legs and a great core strength too. Upper body strength is also incredibly important for the game, necessary for throw ins, fighting off opponents and contributing to everyday fitness in training.

3 Improved co ordination

Due to the constant shift between walking, jogging and sprinting, co ordination is pretty key when it comes to football, whilst complex movements such as dribbling, turning, tackling and passing, all of which are usually carried out at speed, require brilliant hand-eye co ordination as well.

4 Encourages Teamwork

You’re unlikely to get anywhere on a football pitch without the use of team work and co operation from your fellow team mates. The sharing of one common goal can help teams to work together and mesh well in the face of losing or winning the game. The skills learned on the field can also be brilliant for everyday life, encouraging compassion and friendship amongst the players

5 Increases brain function

Football is an incredibly fast paced game which in turn contributes to increased brain function and cognitive performance. Even when the tempo of a football game slows down, players are still on heightened alert, looking for an opening to reach the goal.

6 Decreased anxiety

For people who struggle with social settings, football can be the perfect place to decrease anxiety by allowing anxious players to settle into a sport in which they feel truly comfortable. Lessening anxiety through playing a sport you love can help you to face social situations with ease afterwards.

7 Boosted confidence and mood

Similar to reducing anxiety levels, football can also be perfect for boosting confidence and increasing overall mood. When we exercise, feel good hormones called endorphins are released, allowing our mood to increase dramatically, whilst learning new skills and winning games can be brilliant for building confidence, both on and off the field.

Success in the game can also lead to success in real life, boosting performance in school, work, family life and friendships, whilst the increase in endorphins can reduce stress for the rest of the working week!

8 Super accessible

One of the many positives of football is that anyone can play, anywhere they like. All that’s really needed is a space, a group of friends and a ball. Many outdoor spaces such as parks can be the perfect setting.

9 Increases bone strength

Bone density decreases are we get older, and the perfect way to help to increase our bone density is regular exercise. The constant weight and endurance on bones during a football match can be the perfect way to avoid brittle bones and to boost overall strength as we age.

10 Helps you to sleep

Any form of exercise enjoyed in the daytime can be brilliant for promoting a healthy sleep, but there is something about football which makes it both incredibly fun and tremendously exhausting at the same time. Whether it’s the social communication; the constant cognitive brain usage; the regular cardio and strong sprints; the boosted mood; team work or decreased stress, football really does lead to a deep, restorative sleep, usually achieved the second your head hits your MLILY pillow.

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