10 Mood Boosters #WellbeingWeek

For many of us, lockdown life is definitely not linear, whilst some days may feel fine, others may feel anything but, usually referred to as dip days.

This process is only natural and can be linked to the monotony of lockdown living; despite this, take a look at our tips below for weathering the storm, in honour of Wellbeing Week 2020.


Slumps can definitely come out of nowhere and hit at the strangest of times. Despite this, tackling low mood involves a variety of options, a major one of which being exercise.

Whether it’s heading out for a walk, hopping on your bike, going for a run or doing a home workout, simply getting the body moving can have a brilliant boost on both energy and mood levels.

Unplug your phone

If your slump happens in the evening, when work is over and it’s time to relax, unplugging your phone, switching it off and leaving it in another room can be a great tactic for upping your mood.

Long stretches on technology, especially on social media sites, can have a dramatic affect on our mood, often plunging us further into the funk. Turning off your phone and spending time with friends, family or loved ones in your isolation bubble can help to bring you out of the dip.

Be a friend to yourself

For many of us waking up to a dip day, it can be easy to blame yourself for the way you’re feeling. A brilliant and useful tactic of getting around this is to recognise that low mood is no one’s fault and is merely a symptom of living in lockdown. Once you have achieved this, take steps to be kind to yourself. From eating delicious healthy food, through to some calming yoga, your favourite TV show, phoning a loved one or reading a book. Do what makes you happy to support yourself through the day.

Accept the dip

It can be tricky to experience a dip day without feeling the constant desire to get up and out of said dip. Despite this, the constant desire to boost one’s mood can often result in self loathing and frustration. Accepting the dip and taking steps to nurture your way out of it can be a great place to start.

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