10 hobbies for self-isolation #betterlife

With the vast majority of the world in lockdown, millions of us are looking for ways to entertain ourselves from the quarantine of our homes.ย 

Despite the safety of our houses, they can also be tempting places for our minds to switch off, opting for binging boxsets and sleeping most of the day.

In order to fight these urges, it’s best to keep our minds active and engaged through various tasks, such as learning new hobbies!ย 

Take a look at some suggestions below for getting you on the path to learning a new skill during this difficult time, a brilliant way to boost your mood and power your mind!


If you fancy impressing future house guests with beautiful paintings on your wall, then YouTube has plenty of tutorials online for teaching this art.

All you’ll need for this task is a set of paints, paintbrushes and a few canvases, all of which can be purchased online without the need to leave your house!

Learn a Language

You might not have even spoken French or Spanish since your time in school, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t give learning a language another go!

There are plenty of apps online for you to try, all of which can introduce you slowly into the language world, taking into account your previous skill level.

Babbel is a great app with 14 languages to learn overall, take a spin today to see how you get on.


Fancy giving photography a go? There are plenty of tutorials online that can take you through the first steps of becoming a photographer.

Whilst spending time indoors doesn’t really offer much in the way of inspiration, there’s always the opportunity of photographing family members and maybe taking your camera with you on your daily allotted walk.

Creative Writing

If you haven’t picked up your pen to write a story since primary school, now can be a brilliant time to get started on your debut novel.

Creative writing can be a brilliant hobby to take up during this time, head online for a variety of resources, from building character profiles through to creating your story structure.

Learn to Play Guitar

If you want to improve your previous attempted career are a musician, then isolation can be a great place to start. From the guitar through to the keyboard, there are plenty of tutorials online and on YouTube that can get you started.

A simple search on instagram can also offer up plenty of video clips of famous singer/songwriters taking you through the steps of learning one of their songs!


Not only can yoga can be brilliant for boosting sleep come the evening, it can also be great for increasing strength, cardio and balance. A simple routine each day can also be great for reducing stress and anxious thoughts, a factor which many of us are experiencing right now.

Aside from all of the above benefits, yoga can be a great way to ease you into a skill for life, starting with the basics and slowly working up. There are plenty of tutorials online to get you started.


If you have your own garden, then now could be the perfect time to show it some tender loving care. From making your own flower beds through to sorting the weeds and getting planting, there’s always something to do in the garden, perfect for keeping you entertained during your days of isolation.

Don’t have a garden?

Opt instead for house plants, perfect for filtering the air and helping to keep you calm and rested.

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