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the deep, healthy sleep you need to perform at your peak.


Place where you can learn how to improve your sleep.

Stress and Poor Sleep – What Are The Links? 💤💤

Stress is a common emotion which affects all of us at some point in our lives…

Staying Awake at Work 💤💤

Check out these top tips for staying on the ball in your job…

Do Athletes Need More Sleep? 😴😴

How does a lack of sleep affect athletes? 😴

Sleep Hypnosis – Does It Work? 😴😴

Struggling to sleep?


Place where you can learn how to improve your sleep.



Our sleep scientists have worked tirelessly with the Recovery & Regeneration Team
at Manchester United to provide a mattress that fits the needs of a world class athlete.

But it doesn’t stop there.
We’ve made our advanced technology available to everyone!

Now Introducing:

The Dream Series

Crafted in collaboration with the Recovery & Regeneration team at Manchester United, our Dream Series introduces the performance-enhancing benefits of sleeping on Mlily. Powered by X-Springs, Performance Memory Foam, and a Two-Beds-In-One model, this elite collection improves oxygen and blood circulation to aid recovery and create the perfect night’s sleep.


Watch our TV Commercial “The Contender” now for an exclusive glimpse into how we’re redefining sleep and changing perceptions of performance. Maybe it’s time you asked more out of your mattress.

Latest News    1 October 2018

Manchester United Legends Meet NHS Heroes

To raise awareness on the importance of sleep for busy working people, MLILY; mattress brand and official sponsor and mattress provider of Manchester United, teamed up with the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, which runs Salford Royal, North Manchester General Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and the Royal Oldham. One member of staff from each location was invited along to Old Trafford to meet Manchester United legends.

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